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Travel and Tourism careers are always in high demand!

As people enjoy more discretionary income, travel and tourism increase in demand. People want to explore exotic places, plan family vacations or schedule romantic getaways. This is all great news for the travel and tourism industry.

Those who have earned or will earn travel and tourism degrees are in a great position for career growth.

Salary Information

Depending on which area of travel and tourism you choose, salary can range from $22,000 to $40,000. Many positions in the travel and tourism industry work on commission and receive regular bonuses for performance, raising earning potential even higher!

Earning a degree in travel and tourism can provide you with a handsome salary and many perks as related to your area. For example, hotel and spa employees often enjoy free or reduced rates for hotel stays, airline workers receive free or discounted tickets, and travel agents often receive free trips for booking trips.

Education Requirements

Most entry-level positions in the travel and tourism industry require little or no education. For many, an Associate degree in travel and tourism is more than enough. To enjoy career advancement, a travel and tourism Bachelor's degree or even a Master's degree in travel and tourism would be beneficial.

Growth Statistics

Demand for travel and tourism will increase demand for professionals in this industry. Although some positions, such as travel agents and flight attendants, will experience decreased growth, other areas, such as hotel and restaurant management, will increase according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A travel and tourism degree can help you enter the thriving travel and tourism industry. Many travel and tourism schools offer programs that can prepare you for a variety of professions within the industry.